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How to choose your own shoes
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The shoes are not too good too expensive, right on the line. But many female friends are embodied in the pursuit of the meaning of the external characteristics of shoes, such as shoes more sexy and so on.  Few female friends buy shoes for comfort, and few wear suitable shoes for the right occasion. Here we introduce how to choose a suitable own shoes.
Suitable shoes do not need to run in period
Many people mistakenly believe that the new shoes have "run" period, in a period of time will come "". In fact, the quality and fit of the new shoes will be very comfortable after wearing. In general, the shoes do not fit the pressure instep, about a thumb space in front of the shoes, QIANJIAO have some wiggle room for and can not swing with, and not feeling between heel shoe upper friction. Moreover, everyone's feet are not the same size, a pair of shoes to offset Bigfoot comfort, be sure to stand up and walk a few steps, see two shoes are fit.
Special foot type with special insole
It is easier to buy shoes foot in general, but some people's feet are flat or high arch foot, so buy shoes and insoles to play collocation has about. How do you know your foot type? Here is a simple test method: wet tissue on the soles of her feet. If it is flat, the inside of the foot arch radian, standing the whole foot almost close to the ground.
High arch foot is on the contrary, the arch radian is too high, it is difficult to close to the ground. "People should choose the sole arch and heel pad hard shoes, or prone to plantar fasciitis; high arch people should use more soft shoe pad or cushion, reduce the shock to the foot injury.
Old shoes should be soft, with a little heel
Elderly people in the selection of shoes is also very particular about, it is best to wear soft shoes with points. Heel height with a half sole is about 2 cm. In addition to pay attention to heel height, the soles of the elderly can be slightly larger. Generally speaking, Dichotomanthes bottom shoes is a good choice.
Sports shoes are not suitable for all sports
Sports shoes sole elastic, to run, jump can play a certain buffer role. Some people think that as long as the soles can not wear cracks. In fact, some sports shoes on the surface is not damaged, but the soft sole already excessive loss, loss of protective effect.
In addition, different sports should choose different shoes. Suitable to wear running shoes, shoes to buy a bigger size, to ensure full stretch feet; when playing tennis, because there are more stops and torsion action, should be the best choice for upper thick leather; playing basketball because of impact, jumping more upper requirements high, to give better protection to reduce joint sprain, the ankle and knee chance.
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